About Us

Thompson’s Residential Treatment Center and our highly trained staff provide special attention, therapeutic training and an opportunity to heal in a safe, family-like atmosphere for boys ages 10 to 17. We are dedicated to the improvement of the lives of our residents. If you are interested in joining our team, please complete this employment application.

Who We Are.

A dedicated team of trained professionals proud to be charged with the responsibility of caring for abused and neglected youth.

What We Do.

We provide residents with a warm, fostering, and safe environment in a family-like atmosphere in addition to teaching them life skills.

How We Do It.

24-hour care and supervision for each child on an individual basis, while utilizing a proven and structured curriculum, is provided by our staff.

Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and secure environment for disadvantaged youth and adults through a host of community outreach programs. The core purpose of these programs is to offer  structure, encourage essential life skills and afford continuing educational opportunities. 

Thompson’s Residential Treatment Center


Thompson’s RTC

Thompson’s Residential Treatment Center (Thompson’s RTC) was established to provide children with knowledge and life skills necessary to thrive in today’s society. Adults and parents are given the responsibility to provide children with a warm, fostering, and safe environment. Unfortunately, many of our youth become victims of their own circumstances and are denied life’s basic opportunities. Our home will create a family-like atmosphere for boys (ages 10-17) that have been abused and neglected. Our highly trained staff will provide 24-hour care and supervision to each child on an individual basis while utilizing a proven and structured curriculum.